more than books

What do you think of when you hear that word: library? Books? A place to quietly study? Well, we definitely have books, and there are lots of study carrels, sofas and tables that make excellent comfy study spots. But here are some other things we offer:

  • DVDs and videos for check out, including movies like Napolean Dynamite and Malcolm X
  • Homework and research help (even if you’re not a Highline student)–just ask a librarian at the reference desk or email us at refhelp at highline dot edu
  • Computers–lots and lots of computers with Internet access
  • Databases like ProQuest and Academic Search Premier that have lots of articles that your instructors will like, that will help you get a good grade on that research paper
  • Oh, and those databases we just mentioned? You can access them from home if you’re a Highline student–all you need is your ID card handy
  • Graphic novels/comic books like Ghost World and Monkey Food (you can see them in our online catalog here and here)
  • Did I mention that all of that is FREE?

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