Google Book Search

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of questions at the desk on how to access whole books on Google Book Search. Google has a page that explains this very well, but I’ll summarize here:

  • You can view an entire book on Google Book Search in these two categories: if the book is out of copyright or if the publisher has requested the book be fully scanned and available for viewing online.

In many cases, the book will not be in Full View, but in one of these three views:

  • No Preview Available
  • Snippet View
  • Limited View

Go to Google’s page to get the full details, but just know that just because you see a book on Google Book Search, it does not mean you can read the whole thing online.



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2 responses to “Google Book Search

  1. Lynne King

    One of the cool things about Google Book Search is, even if you can;t read the full text, you can scroll down to “find libraries”, enter your zip code and find the book in a library near you. The you CAN read the entire text, without compromising any copyright.

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