THANK YOU! ESL Students Write

Following are samples of thank you notes written by Highline ESL students after a recent tour of the library. The students have kindly permitted posting of their notes here. As the librarian who provided this tour, I appreciate the thanks, and especially the hard work these students are doing to learn a new language. –Aryana Bates

  • “Today want give you thanks, for the kindness of you attention of the library show. I enjoyed and meeted the beneficial of the use the library. Prompt will be visiting for a book. Thanks again.” –Ana Matilde C.
  • “Thank you giving us some of your time to around the libaray. You paying attention to us went we was in the libaray yesterday, we enjoy be with you. We all from different c0untry but the way you talk to us I understand very good. I saw some books form country. It is goo to know some country. Thank you.” –Pear T.
  • “Thank you for your help. You are a people very nice. Right now I know the library highline. This place is very interesting. I like very much because there are many computers and I can to enter to internet. I like to write mails to my family. After I will need your help again. Thank you again Aryana, Sincerely” –Imelda
  • “Tanks you for giving us a tour of the library and tanks you for your help.” –Maria V.
  • “Thank you for your work. I enjoyed seeing the New Reader Room. Thanks again.” –Anna R.
  • “Thank you for giving us visit of the library. I have time enjoyed and see anything. In the libraly I can find anything I need, and somebody can help me in the libraly. I can took out a book, I can use computer. Thanks again.” –Nini N.
  • “Thank you for giving us a tour of the library. I enjoyed seeing the New Reader Room. I took out a book thanks again. Thank yoo help and dedication.” –Alejandra R.
  • “Thank you for showing us the books; you helped for us alot, and I would like to continue attending to the library in order to get many new words and I would to took out books. I will hope you good health. thanks again. Sincerely” –Abdullahi S.
  • “Thank you for giving us a tour of the library. I enjoyed seeing the new books, and, New reading rooms. I don’t know about, reading room. You’re verey nice person. I have a new experience. I am glad we have a very good libraian. I took out a book. I enjoyed this book. Thanks again,” –Rena
  • “Thank you for your help and showing the new reeding at library. Thank you for gave us the library card to. I want to now if the library is open on Saturday?” –Palso B.
  • “Thank you for giving us a tour of the library. I enjoyed seeing the New Reader Room. Thank you for sharing a time with us. I chek out a vedeo and I like at. Thanks again.” –Dildora
  • “Thank you for showing us the books I like the library I want to go all the time when I go to library I can see a lot of thing I can take something to go home and make me understand English. I can do homework I can use the computer, I can do anything I’m very happy. Thank you so much.” –Sophea

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