Looking for a scholarly journal article?

Looking for a scholarly or peer-reviewed journal article for a class assignment or essay? There are lots of ways to find this kind of article, but here’s one very easy way: use J-STOR. J-STOR (or Journal Storage) is a database that’s a “scholarly journal archive.” In other databases like ProQuest and Academic Search Premier, you have to check certain boxes to make sure you’ll get only scholarly articles as a result. In J-STOR, you just start searching, because everything is from a scholarly journal. The article results you get will ALWAYS be from high-quality academic, peer-reviewed journals–it takes the guesswork out of whether or not something is really scholarly.

A few tips:

  • It helps to use their “Advanced Search” feature instead of the “Basic Search” on the first search screen–there should be a red link above the basic search box. Use the “Limit By” feature underneath the search to only for articles.
  • There are lots of book reviews in J-STOR–if you don’t use the “Advanced Search” to look only for articles, then watch out for results that begin with “Review.”
  • The J-STOR subscription that Highline Library has contains over 200 journals, so while it is big, it’s not nearly as wide-ranging as ProQuest or Academic Search Premier.
  • J-STOR has articles in areas such as “economics, history, political science, sociology, ecology, mathematics, and statistics,” and also “additional coverage in Asian studies, archaeology, classics and African, Latin American, Middle Eastern, and Slavic studies” (source).
  • You can access J-STOR from the Reference department homepage in the Find Magazine, Journal and News Articles box at the top of the page as well.

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