Recommended Database: Alt-Press Watch

This month’s recommended database is Alt-Press Watch. If you’re looking for alternative and smaller press publications to inform your research, Alt-Press Watch could make the process considerably easier.

Alt-Press Watch is a full text database comprised of newspapers, magazines, and journals of the alternative and independent press, and it’s housed within the ProQuest database. Its publications are included in all ProQuest searches by default.

It contains 175 publications such as:

  • The Advocate
  • Berkeley Women’s Law Journal
  • Independent Politics News
  • Journal of Popular Film and Television
  • Palestine-Israel Journal
  • Race, Gender and Class
  • Radical Teacher
  • Sojourner
  • The Stranger

… And more.

While searching ProQuest, you can select under database: “Interdisciplinary – Alt-Press Watch (APW);” doing this will give you access to special features (see below) and limit your search to only alternative and independent press items.

Some highlights:

The Biographical Personal Profiles limiter is helpful for finding information about a person’s life. Check the limit results box on either the basic or advanced search page.

“A commentary article type to search for narratives on everything from how childhood neighborhoods have changed to descriptions of life altering decisions” (Search Tips, Source).



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One response to “Recommended Database: Alt-Press Watch

  1. Hi there. Love your blog! Thanks for highlighting Alt-Press Watch.

    I assume you are aware that using the ProQuest admin module, you can create a link that goes directly to Alt-Press Watch. And also, using the new ProQuest search widgets ( you could create (I think) a widget that searches just Alt-Press Watch, and stick it on the blog entry. Cool!


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