Recommended Reading for April: Earth and People

This month’s Recommended Reading selections describe and analyze various social problems connected with the environment. Most of these involve the concept of “Environmental Justice” but many other topics arise as well. Please take special note of the web links at the end.


The environment: a human crisis / [by] Michael D. Piburn.

301.31 P584e


Only one world : our own to make and to keep / Gerard Piel.

304.2 P613o


The Gaia atlas of first peoples : a future for the indigenous world / Julian Burger with campaigning groups and native peoples worldwide ; foreword by Maurice F. Strong.

305.8 B954g 1990

Ark II; social response to environmental imperatives / [by] Dennis C. Pirages [and] Paul R. Ehrlich.

309.173 P667a

The new atlas of planet management / general editors, Norman Myers & Jennifer Kent ; foreword by Edward O. Wilson.

333.7 N532 2005


Two cheers for the Affluent Society : a spirited defense of economic growth / Wilfred Beckerman.

338.9 B395t


Global spin : the corporate assault on environmentalism / Sharon Beder.

363.7 B411g 1998


Meadowlark economics : perspectives on ecology, work, and learning / James Eggert.

363.7 E29m


It’s a matter of survival / Anita Gordon, David Suzuki.

363.7 G662i


Earth in the balance : ecology and the human spirit / Al Gore.

363.7 G666e


Green rage : radical environmentalism and the unmaking of civilization / Christopher Manes.

363.7 M274g


Our common future / World Commission on Environment and Development.

363.7 O93


The green alternative : creating an ecological future / Brian Tokar.

363.7 T646g


Pollution / James Haley, book editor.

363.73 P777 2003


Environmental overkill : whatever happened to common sense? / Dixy Lee Ray with Lou Guzzo.

363.73 R263e


Climate affairs : a primer / Michael H. Glantz.

551.6 G545c 2003


Opportunities in environmental careers / Odom Fanning

Career Collection 363.70023 F213o 2002







Agency, democracy, and nature [electronic resource] : the U.S. environmental movement from a critical theory perspective / Robert J. Brulle.

Conservative environmentalism [electronic resource] : reassessing the means, redefining the ends / James R. Dunn and John E. Kinney.


Controversies in environmental sociology [electronic resource] / edited by Rob White.


Dam! [electronic resource] : water, power, politics, and preservation in Hetch Hetchy and Yosemite National Park / John Warfield Simpson.


Earth First! and the anti-roads movement [electronic resource] : radical environmentalism and comparative social movements / Derek Wall.


The Earthscan reader in environmental values [electronic resource] / Linda Kalof, Terre Satterfield.


Ecological feminism [electronic resource] / edited by Karen J. Warren ; with the assistance of Barbara Wells-Howe.


Environment and human well-being [electronic resource] : a practical strategy / Lead authors: Don Melnick (Coordinator) … [et al.].


Environmental movements in minority and majority worlds [electronic resource] : a global perspective / Timothy Doyle.


Feminism and ecological communities [electronic resource] : an ethic of flourishing / Chris J. Cuomo.


A fierce green fire [electronic resource] : the American environmental movement / Philip Shabecoff.


From the ground up [electronic resource] : environmental racism and the rise of the environmental justice movement / Luke W. Cole and Sheila R. Foster.


The global commons [electronic resource] : an introduction / Susan J. Buck


Just sustainabilities [electronic resource] : development in an unequal world / edited by Julian Agyeman, Robert D. Bullard, and Bob Evans.


Nature’s experts [electronic resource] : science, politics, and the environment / Stephen Bocking.


Reducing poverty and sustaining the environment [electronic resource] : the politics of local engagement / edited by Stephen Bass … [et al.].


The Silicon Valley of dreams [electronic resource] : environmental injustice, immigrant workers, and the high-tech global economy / David Naguib Pellow and Lisa Sun-Hee Park.


Sustainable capitalism [electronic resource] : a matter of common sense / John E. Ikerd.


The tangled roots of feminism, environmentalism, and Appalachian literature [electronic resource] / Elizabeth S. D. Engelhardt.




Ecopsychology [videorecording] : restoring the earth, healing the self / a Baylands Productions release.

155.9 E19 1995


Is God green? [videorecording] / a production of Public Affairs Television, Inc. ; a presentation of Thirteen/WNET ; producer, director, Tom Casciato ; writers, Bill Moyers, Tom Casciato.

241.691 I73 2006


Network Earth [videorecording] : Personal effects / CNN News Network ; Turner Multimedia ; produced by Phil Frank.

363.7 N476


Race to save the planet. Now or never [videorecording] / produced by the WGBH Science Unit in association with Chedd-Angier … [et al.] ; written, produced and directed by Linda Harrar.

363.7 R118


Future conditional [videorecording] / NIEHS, NSF ; producer, Marilyn Weiner ; director-writer, Hal Weiner ; a Screenscope production in association with South Carolina ETV.

363.70526 F996 2005


Journey to planet Earth. Season one [videorecording] / produced by Marilyn Weiner ; director/writer, Hal Weiner ; a production of Screenscope Inc. in association with South Carolina Educational Television.

363.70526 J86


On the brink [videorecording] / a Screenscope production in association with South Carolina Educational Television ; producer, Marilyn Weiner ; director/writer, Hal Weiner.

363.70526 O58 2003


The State of the planet [videorecording] / Producer, Marilyn Weiner ; director-writer, Hal Weiner ; a Screenscope production in association with South Carolina ETV.

363.70526 S797 2005




Appropedia. A Wikipedia-style presentation of information on sustainability and related issues. “Appropedia is the site for collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction and international development. Appropedia helps us sustain our world.”


Ecofeminism, the Environment, and Social Movements A dated but still relevant paper on ecofeminism.


Environmental Justice The Environmental Protection Agency’s page for environmental justice, “the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies.”


Environmental Justice/Environmental Racism A set of links for more information on environmental justice (as defined above) and its flip-side, environmental racism.


Environmental Movement. An excellent outline history by David Walls, a professor at Sonoma State University.


Movement as Network An analysis from ONE Northwest, a major player in the environmental movement in the Pacific Northwest, analyzing how environmentalists could collaborate more effectively.


To Remake the World. An article published in Orion, one of the leading popular journals of environmental opinions and ideas.


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  1. Hi. So glad to see we ( made it onto your amazing reading list.

    Great work… I look forward to reading some of these and for May’s list.

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