Disability Awareness Month


Private Attorneys Fight for Disabled Veterans [7 min 45 sec]

NPR Weekend Edition Sunday, March 16, 2008 · In the last five years, as thousands of veterans have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan with debilitating injuries, the Army has actually awarded fewer soldiers full disability retirement benefits than they did before the war started. Private attorneys have stepped in to help disabled soldiers get the benefits they deserve.

An Autistic Student’s Journey to College [8 min 54 sec] NPR Morning Edition Sunday, September 11, 2008 · Sending your child off to college can be an anxious time for many parents. But for parents of children with a mental illness or learning disability, the transition is especially challenging. One worry is that parents of adult children have no legal standing in their medical care. In Nashville, Tenn., the Diehl family has worked hard to prepare their son for the move from home to college.

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Check out featured books and movies on the Recommended Reading shelf located on the Plaza floor.

Adaptive technology for the Internet: making electronic resources accessible to all / Barbara Mates. 027.663 M425a 2000

All the way back: a story of courage / Anne V. McGravie. New Readers Collection, Room 419 362.43092 B898m 1982

Attention deficit disorder: the unfocused mind in children and adults / Thomas E. Brown. 616.8589 B881a 2005

Caring for people with learning disabilities / edited by Ian Peate, Debra Fearns. Health Occupations Lab, 26-219 371.9 C277 2006


Despite this flesh: the disabled in stories and poems / edited by Vassar Miller. 810.8035 D468 1985


Framing ADHD children: a critical examination of the history, discourse, and everyday experience of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder / Adam Rafalovich. 616.8589 R136f 2008


The gift of dyslexia : why some of the smartest people can’t read and how they can learn / Ronald D. Davis with Eldon M. Braun. 371.9144 D263g 1997


Helen Keller: rebellious spirit / Laurie Lawlor. New Readers Collection, Room 419 362.41092 K29L 2001


Joey / Joseph John Deacon 362.21092 D278j 1974


The legislative presentation of the Disabled American Veterans: hearing before the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Ninth Congress, second session, February 28, 2006. Government Documents Y 4.V 64/4:S.HRG.109-463 Linked Resource: PDF


Learning a living : a guide to planning your career and finding a job for people with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and dyslexia / Dale S. Brown.Career Collection Room 316 658.30087 B877L 2000


A matter of dignity: changing the lives of the disabled / by Andrew Potok 362.4048 P864m 2002


Muhammad Ali : a biography / Anthony O. Edmonds 796.83092 A398e 2006


Multiple sclerosis: the questions you have– the answers you need / Rosalind C. Kalb, editor 616.834 M961 2008


Ordinary lives: voices of disability & disease / edited by Irving Kenneth Zola 362.4 O65 1982


The physically handicapped and the community: some challenging breakthroughs / Louis Arthur Michaux 362.4 M622p 1970


The science and fiction of autism / Laura Schreibman 616.85882 S378s 2007


Talking books: pioneering and beyond / by Marilyn Lundell Majeska 362.41 M233t 1988


E-Books: (a selection)

Attention deficit disorder: the unfocused mind in children and adults / Thomas E. Brown Electronic Book 616.85/89 2005


Could it be autism?: a parent’s guide to the first signs and next steps / Nancy D. Wiseman with Kim Painter Koffsky Electronic Book 616.85/882 2006


Decline in employment of people with disabilities: a policy puzzle / David C. Stapleton, Richard V. Burkhauser, editors Electronic Book 331.5/9/0973 2003


Drama therapy and storymaking in special education / Paula Crimmens Electronic Book 616.89/165 2006


The disability pendulum: the first decade of the Americans with Disabilities Act / Ruth Colker Electronic Book 342.7308/7 2005


A field guide for the sight-impaired reader: a comprehensive resource for students, teachers, and librarians / Andrew Leibs Electronic Book 011.63 1999


Hearing loss: determining eligibility for Social Security benefits / Committee on Disability Determination for Individuals with Hearing Impairments Electronic Book 362.4/264/0973 2005


Inner lives of deaf children: interviews and analysis / Martha Sheridan Electronic Book 362.4/2/083 2001


Kids in the syndrome mix of ADHD, LD, Asperger’s, Tourette’s, bipolar and more!: the one stop guide for parents, teachers, and other professionals / Martin L. Kutscher Electronic Book 618.928588 2005


The labor market experience of workers with disabilities: the ADA and beyond / Julie L. Hotchkiss Electronic Book 331.5/9/0973


A matter of dignity: changing the lives of the disabled / by Andrew Potok Electronic Book 362.4/048/0973 2002


Noise and military service: implications for hearing loss and tinnitus / Committee on Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Associated with Military Service from World War II to the Present Electronic Book 617.8/07 2005


Reflections from a different journey: what adults with disabilities wish all parents knew / edited by Stanley D. Klein and John D. Kemp Electronic Book 649/.151 2004


Relationship development intervention with children, adolescents and adults: social and emotional development activities for Asperger syndrome, autism, PDD, and NDL / Steven E. Gutstein, and Rachelle K. Sheely Electronic Book 618.92/898203 2002


Relationship development intervention with young children: social and emotional development activities for Asperger syndrome, autism, PDD, and NDL / Steven E. Gutstein, and Rachelle K. Sheely Electronic Book 618.92/898203 2002


Special stories for disability awareness: stories and activities for teachers, parents, and professionals / Mal Leicester Electronic Book 362.4 2007


Understanding autism spectrum disorders: frequently asked questions / Diane Yapko Electronic Book 2003


Understanding multiple sclerosis / Melissa Stauffer Electronic Book 616.8/34 2006


The views and experiences of disabled children and their siblings: a positive outlook / Clare Connors and Kirsten Stalker Electronic Book 362.4/083 2003

Reference Books:

Encyclopedia of learning disabilities / Carol Turkington, Joseph R. Harris 371.92603 T939e 2002


Gallaudet encyclopedia of deaf people and deafness / John V. Van Cleve, editor 362.42 G165 1987

Learning disabilities sourcebook / edited by Dawn D. Matthews 371.926 L438 2003

State of Washington Voters’ Pamphlet, Braille; General Election, November 4, 2008 Reference Desk 2008


Well-connected 616.02 W447 c2004



A celebration of differences / Rush Neurobehavioral Center 371.9 C392 1999 VHS


Child care and the Americans with Disabilities Act Tape 7. Family day care homes / Beth Ann Carr Associates 362.712 C536 1992


Creating equity / University of Maine Television 371.9 C912 1993


How difficult can this be?: understanding learning disabilities / produced and directed by Peter Rosen 371.9 H847 1989


I teach him but he doesn’t learn: understanding cognitive problems / Northland Video Associates 371.9 Y68 1982


Learning to learn: intervention, cognitive problems / Northland Video Associates 371.9 Y68 1982


Pathways to independence through assistive technology / D&F Associates, Inc 027.663 P297 2000 VHS


Rain man / United Artists 791.4372 R154 2004 DVD


Small differences / City of Pittsburgh Allegheny County Task Force on Disabilities 362.78 S635 1995 VHS


Straight talk about autism: with parents & kids / IEP Resources 616.85882 S896 2008 DVD


The Association For Service Disabled Veterans http://www.asdv.org/

ASDV is a national association that is establishing greater economic participation for service disabled and prisoner of war veterans and all of the 80 million veteran family members in the United States. Membership is comprised of individuals from the 2.2 million SDVs of the nation and organizations that support the goals of ASDV. To pursue its mission, ASDV has established programs and services that address the areas of legislative and legal advocacy, business development, healthcare, and information access.

DisabilityInfo.gov http://www.disabilityinfo.gov/

Provides quick and easy access to comprehensive information about disability programs, services, laws and benefits


Disabled American Veterans http://www.dav.org/

Formed in 1920 and chartered by Congress in 1932, the million-member DAV is the official voice of America’s service-connected disabled veterans — a strong, insistent voice that represents all of America’s 2.1 million disabled veterans, their families and survivors.


Disabled Peoples’ International http://www.dpi.org/

A network of national organizations or assemblies of disabled people, established to promote human rights of disabled people through full participation, equalization of opportunity and development.


Highline Community College Access Services http://flightline.highline.edu/access/index.htm

Access Services at Highline Community College supports and assists students with disabilities with campus and classroom accommodations.


King County Office of Civil Rights http://www.metrokc.gov/dias/ocre/


King County Office of Civil Rights Disability Awareness Month (2007)


Portal to local and national resources


National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2008 http://www.workworld.org/NDEAM2008.html


Ready.gov: Disabled and Special Needs http://www.ready.gov/america/getakit/disabled.html

Instructional Video addresses emergency preparedness for persons with disabilities.


Working While Disabled– A Guide To Plans For Achieving Self-Support http://www.ssa.gov/pubs/11017.html


Working While Disabled–How We Can Help http://www.ssa.gov/pubs/10095.htm

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