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Sound Transit 2 – A Mass Transit Guide

Sound Transit Media Relations and Public Information Manager, Geoff Patrick, has provided HCC with a copy of Sound Transit’s most recent publication, Sound Transit 2 – A Mass Transit Guide July 2008.  They will be stored at the HCC Library Reference Desk for in-library use and include the following:

  • The Regional Transit System Plan for Central Puget Sound
  • Appendix A: Detailed Description of Facilities and Estimated Costs
  • Appendix B: Financial Policies
  • Appendix C: Benefits, Costs, Revenues, Capacity and Reliability
  • Appendix D: Social, Economic and Environmental Impacts; Performance Characteristics by Mode; and Integration with Regional Land Use

Related Web sites:

View the Guide online:  http://future.soundtransit.org/details.aspx

Blog about the Guide and other transit issues:  http://seattletransitblog.com/


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