The IRIS tutorials are ready to use!


The IRIS tutorials are ready to use!

IRIS 4-2:  The Information and Research Instruction Suite for Two-Year Colleges

During Fall quarter we’re giving IRIS a shake-down cruise at Clark College. As we use it we’re working out the final bugs and refining the content and quiz. The content is generic, however,  not college-specific , so students anywhere can start using it.

A central feature of the tutorials is the Quiz: 30 questions. Anyone from anywhere can take the quiz and print their score.

The project was funded by a grant from the Distance Learning Council of Washington. Grant Coordinators are Tom Moran, Interim Dean of Library, Media, and Distance Learning at Shoreline, and Lynn Chmelir, formerly the Interim Directory at Clark College.


The site design was inspired by Clark College students of Robert Hughes’ GRCP 210 (Interface Design and Interactivity) class. For several years these students have performed usability testing on library interfaces and tutorials and provided valuable feedback about what works (and doesn’t work) for students.

Kitty Mackey managed and coordinated the project, built the site, and continues to oversee the modifications.

Content was written by Kitty Mackey (Clark College) and Meryl Geffner (Shoreline Community College). Some of the content was adapted/modified from the TILT modules.

Pavel Popov, IT Specialist at Cannell Library is entirely responsible for the programming, design, documentation and everything else associated with the quiz workings.

Tyler Chen, Secretary Senior in the Office of Instruction at Clark College, took photographs that are used throughout.

Clark College English instructors: several have provided valuable proofreading.

IRIS is built and designed completely using the box-model and style sheets, meeting current design standards.  Anyone with server space and a little know-how can adapt IRIS to a specific institution. However, Pavel and I would prefer to wait until the end of the fall-quarter shake-down to make the files officially available.

As much as IRIS 4-2 has going for it, there are many things that I had to put on the wish list of future modifications. You can see the list, plus all the other notes and documentation I kept track of, at my (very messy) wiki: IRIS42wiki .


Kitty Mackey


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