Drama Department Production: The Trial

The Trial” is a spectacular production; funny, weird, creative, vibrant, and full of theatrical surprises. This play, based loosely on Kafka’s novella, concerns a man who is arrested without charges for something he did not do, and then released to go on with his life between interrogations. As the process goes on he ages and weakens, until the process itself overcomes him. The play in our production takes place in an illusory and absurd circus, filled with wonderful characters that dart in and out of his life. The actors are superb, the visual elements truly fabulous. You will laugh and gasp and enjoy every minute!

November 20 – 22 and December 4 -6

Show starts at 8 PM

Little Theater (Building 4, Room 104)

Tickets available at the door

$7 students and seniors, $8 general public. ($2 discount if you bring a friend!)

No children under twelve years old- it’s a bit risqué.

Franz Kafkas The Trial

Franz Kafka's The Trial


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