November is American Indian Heritage Month

National American Indian Heritage Month

Suggested Reading for November-December, 2008


The sacred : ways of knowledge, sources of life / Peggy V. Beck, Anna Lee Walters, Nia Francisco (chapter 12).

299.7 B393s 1977

The encyclopedia of Native American religions / Arlene Hirschfelder and Paulette Molin.

299.703 H669e 1992

Native American women / Diana Steer.

305.48897 S814 1996

Education for extinction: American Indians and the boarding school experience, 1875-1928/ Adams, David Wallace

371.9797 A211e

Haboo : native American stories from Puget Sound.

398.2089979 H641 1985

Ethnobotany of western Washington; the knowledge and use of indigenous plants by native Americans. With illus. by Jeanne R. Janish.

581.9797 G977 1973

Buffalo nation : history and legend of the North American bison / Valerius Geist.

599.643 G313 1996

Native American art and folklore : a cultural celebration / edited by David Campbell

704.0397 N278 1993

Art of the American Indian frontier : the Chandler-Pohrt Collection / David W. Penney ; with essays by Richard A. Pohrt, Milford G. Chandler, and George P. Horse Capture.
704.0397073074 P413 1992

Northwest Coast Native and Native-style art : a guidebook for western Washington / Lloyd J. Averill, Daphne K. Morris.

709.797 A952n 1995

Columbia River basketry : gift of the ancestors, gift of the earth / Mary Dodds Schlick.

746.412089974 S344c 1994

Language of the robe : American Indian trade blankets / Robert W. Kapoun.

746.9 K17L 1992

Dwellers at the source : Southwestern Indian photographs of A.C. Vroman, 1895-1904. 779.997900497 V868d 1987

American Indian lacrosse : little brother of war / Thomas Vennum, Jr.

796.347 V464 1994

In mad love and war/ Joy Harjo

811 H282i 1990

Beginnings : a meditation on coast Salish lifeways / by Patrick J. Twohy.

811.54 T974b 1999

Lone Ranger and Tonto fistfight in heaven / Sherman Alexie.

813.54 A374L 1994

First Indian on the moon / Sherman Alexie.

813.54 A384f 1993

Ceremony/ Silko, Leslie

813.54 S583c 1988

Fools crow / James Welch.

813.54 W439f 1986

Native American verbal art : texts and contexts / William M. Clements.

897 C626 1996

Native peoples of the Northwest : a traveler’s guide to land, art, and culture / by Jan Halliday and Gail Chehak in cooperation with the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians.

917.9504 H188 1996

Native America : portrait of the peoples / [edited by] Duane Champagne ; foreword by Dennis Banks.

970.00497 N2781 1994

The founders of America : how Indians discovered the land, pioneered in it, and created great classical civilizations; how they were plunged into a dark age by invasion and conquest, and how they are reviving / Francis Jennings ; maps by Tom Willcockson. 970.00497 J54 1994

In the hands of the Great Spirit : the 20,000-year history of American Indians / Jake Page.

970.00497 P132i 2004

Buffalo hearts; a native American’s view of his culture, religion and history / Sun Bear.

973.00497 S957b 1991

The Scratch of a pen: 1763 and the transformation of North America / Colin G. Galloway.

973.26 C163s 2006

500 nations : an illustrated history of North American Indians / Alvin M. Josephy, Jr.

970.00497 J83 1994

Ancient Mexico / Henri Stierlin

972.010222 S855a 1996

Buckskin and blanket days: memoirs of a friend of the Indians written in 1905 / Thomas Henry Tibbles

978.020922T552b 1958

Children of the fur trade : forgotten Métis of the Pacific Northwest / John C. Jackson.

979.500497 J124 1995

Thunder in the Mountains: the Story of the Nez Perce War/ Ronald K. Fisher

979.50049741 F533 1992

Half-Sun on the Columbia : a biography of Chief Moses / by Robert H. Ruby and John A. Brown ; foreword by Angie Debo ; introduction by Deward E. Walker, Jr.

979.7004979092 M911r 1995

How can one sell the air? : the manifesto of an Indian Chief ; [illustrations and calligraphy by David Dickhoff

979.7700497 H847 1984

Images of Angeline : two views of Chief Seattle’s daughter from the nineteenth century / edited by Steve Heinzen.

979.700497092 I31 1995

Tears of internment : the Indian history of Fox Island and the Puget Sound Indian War / Cecelia Svinth Carpenter.

979.770300497 C295 1996

Crossroads Alaska : native cultures of Alaska and Siberia / Valérie Chaussonnet.

979.8004971 C499c 1995


American Lazarus [electronic resource] : religion and the rise of African-American and native American literatures / Joanna Brooks.

Black Elk speaks [electronic resource] : being the life story of a holy man of the Oglala Sioux / by Nicholas Black Elk, as told through John G. Neihardt ; foreword by Vine Deloria, Jr. ; with illustrations by Standing Bear.

Injun Joe’s ghost [electronic resource] : the Indian mixed-blood in American writing / Harry J. Brown.

Native Americans in children’s literature [electronic resource] / by Jon C. Stott ; foreword by Joseph Bruchac.

The people and the word [electronic resource] : reading native nonfiction / Robert Warrior.

Removals [electronic resource] : nineteenth-century American literature and the politics of Indian affairs / Lucy Maddox.

Repatriation reader [electronic resource] : who owns American Indian remains? / edited by Devon A. Mihesuah.

Teaching Young Children About Native Americans / Debbie Reese. ERIC Document ED394744 [click on ED link to obtain PDF online]

That the people might live [electronic resource] : Native American literatures and Native American community / Jace Weaver.


500 nations. [Volume] 1, The ancestors [videorecording]

500 nations. [Volume] 2, Mexico [videorecording]

500 nations. [Volume] 3, Clash of cultures [videorecording]

500 nations. [Volume] 4, Invasion of the coast [videorecording]

500 nations. [Volume] 5, Cauldron of war [videorecording]

500 nations. [Volume] 6, Removal [videorecording]

500 nations. [Volume] 7, Roads across the plains [videorecording]

500 nations. [Volume] 8, Attack on culture: “I will fight no more forever” [videorecording]

970.00497 F565 1995

Cherokee, the trail of tears [videorecording] / a presentation of Discovery Networks and 9K*USA-TV.

975.0049755 H847 1993

Seminole, the unconquered [videorecording] / a co-production of Discovery Networks and KUSA-TV ; producer/director, Chris Wheeler ; producers, Sonny Hutchinson, Katherine Carpenter.

975.9004973. H847 1993

Cheyenne, the only good Indian is a dead Indian [videorecording] / a co-production of Discovery Networks and KUSA-TV ; producer/director, Chris Wheeler ; producer, Sonny Hutchinson.

978.004973 H847 1993

Dakota, let them eat grass [videorecording] / a co- production of Discovery Networks and KUSA-TV.

978.0049752 H847 1993

Apache: always the enemy [videorecording] / a presentation of Discovery Networks and 9K*USA-TV ; produced by Sonny Hutchison & Katherine Carpenter ; directed by Chris Wheeler.

979.004972 H847 1993

Inca [videorecording] : secrets of the ancestors / Time-Life Video and Television presents ; produced, directed & written by Tom Simon.

985.015 I36 1995


American Indian Heritage Foundation one of the largest advocacy groups for American Indian interests.

Infoplease weblinks Mostly statistics.

Edcitement: Celebrate Native American Heritage Month From the National Endowment for the Humanities, this site includes many lesson plans for teachers to use.

Explore National American Indian Heritage Month The National Park Service’s gateway to historic sites.

Native American Indian Heritage Month The US Department of Defense pays tribute to Indian military people.

Native American History Month This privately-produced site includes an apparently authoritative history of the celebration.


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