IRIS Tutorials update

Hi everyone,

First, many, many  thanks to all of you who have provided such great feedback on the IRIS tutorials.

We  had planned to get the IRIS modules packed up and ready for downloading by the end of Fall quarter, but we’ve uncovered a few changes (and fixes) that will take a little longer, including:

· Pavel is writing a web-based interface for looking at the quiz results;

· By popular demand we’re creating a separate quiz to go specifically with the Plagiarism section (just 10 questions with its own scoring)

· We are still awaiting copyright permissions for many of the book covers and other images we used (kind of important J)

Once we finish these latest additions we’ll host a couple of Elluminate sessions to show people how to download/upload and personalize/modify the tutorials on your own hosting site.

I’ll also look into the idea of hosting the tutorials on the Angel Repository.

In the meantime, if you want to have the quiz scores sent to you (or to an instructor), please send me the name and email and I’ll add it to the list.

Again, my thanks to everyone who has sent suggestions, corrections, and ideas!



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