Martin Luther King, Jr. and the American Civil Rights Movement from the Fifties to Today: Suggested Reading for January, 2009


April 4, 1968 : Martin Luther King, Jr’s death and how it changed America / Michael Eric Dyson.

323.092 K53a 2008

The autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. / edited by Clayborne Carson.

323.0973 A939 1998

Cesar Chavez : autobiography of La Causa / Jacques E. Levy.

331.8813092 C512L 1975

The civil rights movement / Kevin Supples.

New Readers Collection 323.0973 S959c 2003

Frame-up; the Martin Luther King/James Earl Ray case containing suppressed evidence.

345.73 W426f

How race is lived in America : pulling together, pulling apart / correspondents of the New York Times ; introduction by Joseph Lelyveld.

305.800973 H847 2002

Marching to freedom; the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

323.4092 K646b

Martin Luther King, Jr. and the foundations of nonviolence / James P. Hanigan.

323.092 K53h 1984

Martin Luther King Jr. / Jean Darby.

New Readers Collection 323.092 K53d 2006

Martin Luther King, Jr. / Marshall Frady.

323.0973 K53f 2002

Martin Luther King, Jr. : minister and civil rights leader activist / Brendan January.

New Readers Collection 323.092 K53j 2000

My life with Martin Luther King, Jr. / Coretta Scott King.

323.4092 K53m

Parting the waters : America in the King years, 1954-63 / Taylor Branch

973.0496 B816p 1989

The preacher King : Martin Luther King, Jr. and the word that moved America / Richard Lischer.

323.092 K53L 1997

When will I get in? / Sean Price.

New Readers Collection 305.896073 P946w 2007

The words of Martin Luther King, Jr. / selected by Coretta Scott King.

323.1196073 K53w 1996


After whiteness [electronic resource] : unmaking an American majority / Mike Hill.

America reborn [electronic resource] : a twentieth-century narrative in twenty-six lives / Martin Walker.

Chicano politics and society in the late twentieth century [electronic resource] / edited by David Montejano.

Colored White [electronic resource] : transcending the racial past / David R. Roediger.

Disarming manhood : roots of ethical resistance [electronic resource]/ David A.J. Richards

The ethics of human rights [electronic resource] : contested doctrinal and moral issues / Esther D. Reed.

An interracial movement of the poor [electronic resource] : community organizing and the New Left in the 1960s / Jennifer Frost.

Martin Luther King, Jr. [electronic resource] / Marshall Frady.

Revealing whiteness [electronic resource] : the unconscious habits of racial privilege / Shannon Sullivan.

Ring out freedom! the voice of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the making of the civil rights movement / Fredrik Sunnemark.

Voices in our blood [electronic resource] : America’s best on the civil rights movement / edited by Jon Meacham.


At the River I Stand

323.0973 A861 1993


791.45 B789 2001


323.116872 C532

Color of Fear

305.8 C719 1994

Eyes on the prize : America’s civil rights years.

323.4 E97 1986

The fateful decade : from Little Rock to the Civil Rights Bill.

323.4 F252 2005

The fight in the fields [videorecording] : Cesar Chavez and the farmworkers’ struggle.

331.8813 F471 1997

A force more powerful : a century of nonviolent conflict. Nashville, we were warriors

303.61 F697 2000 v. 1

Martin Luther King, Jr. a personal portrait

323.4092 K53m

Martin Luther King, Jr: Leading America to the promised land.

323.092 K53m 2003

Martin Luther King week: opening ceremony [Highline Community College]

323.4092 K53 2003

Race, the power of an illusion. Episode three, The house we live in [videorecording]

305.8 R118p 2003

Race and sex [videorecording] : what we think (but can’t say)

303.385 R118 2006

Racial disparity in the criminal justice system : Larry Gossett [Highline Community College production.]

363.232 R121g 2005

Skin deep.

305.8 S628

The Speeches of Martin Luther King

323.1196 S742

White privilege [videorecording] a lecture by Dr. Peggy McIntosh [Highline Community College production]

305.8 M499w 2004

The Wrath of grapes [videorecording] / United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO.

363.7384 W942 1986


Remembering Coretta and Martin Luther King, Jr. Provides “links to resources about Coretta Scott King and Martin Luther King, Jr.” including biographical information, chronologies, educational sites, popular documents (such as the “I Have a Dream” speech), and media pages. From the Poynter Institute, a  “non-profit school for journalists.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. Newspaper Articles Archive A searchable archive of thousands of newspapers articles about this “African-American minister whose strong hope for social change never swerved his belief in nonviolence.” Also includes a timeline, a brief biography, and links to related sites. Some of the newspaper articles are fee-based.

The Seattle Times Archive on Martin Luther King, Jr. Information on Martin Luther King Jr., including a biography, text of speeches and writings, some audio features, photographs, and a timeline of Dr. King’s life and the civil rights movement. Also provides study guides, a quiz, and resource links, as well as reflections from others and an article about the holiday.

Citizen King Companion website to a PBS film on the life of Dr. King. It “explores the last five years in King’s life by drawing on the personal recollections and eyewitness accounts of friends, movement associates, journalists, law enforcement officers, and historians, to illuminate this little-known chapter in the story of America’s most important and influential moral leader.” Includes interview, an opinion poll, links to timelines, maps, and a teacher’s guide.

Washington DC Martin Luther King Jr National Memorial . Official website for this Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial that will be located on a “four-acre plot on the north east corner of the Tidal Basin within the precinct of the Jefferson Memorial and north of the memorial to President Roosevelt” in Washington, D.C. Features maps, a description of landscape elements, news, brief background about Dr. King, and photos from the commemorative groundbreaking held on November 13, 2006.

United Farm Workers in Washington State. The site contains an overview of the United Farm Workers (UFW) in Washington state, a gallery of photographs from the 1960s through the 1990s, and transcripts of interviews with people active in the movement. From the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, University of Washington.

Campus Activism This interactive website presents many tools for progressive activists, including many interesting essays, calendars of events, campaigns to join (so you don’t have to invent your own), email lists, and a discussion forum.

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