Subject Guides! Our May 2009 Recommended Reading


For this month’s Recommended Reading, we have gathered information on six events occurring in May…using our wonderful Subject Guides!

Subject Guide: May Event

  • Criminal Justice: National Police Week (May 10th – 16th)
  • Geology: Mount St. Helen’s eruption (May 18, 1980)
  • Health: National Bike Month
  • Nursing: Florence Nightingale’s birthday (May 12, 1820)
  • Psychology: Mental Health Month
  • Sociology: Asian Pacific Heritage Month


Subject Guides are web pages packed with suggestions to find great information in specific disciplines or subject areas.  Taking a business class? Law class? Anthropology? We have guides in over 35 subjects! The resources are listed by source type and include selected materials that can guide you in your research.

Your guides to one-stop shopping!

Books and media – in electronic and paper format

Selected Periodicals – newspapers, journals, magazines

Reference Sources – like Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Databases – to find articles on topics

Web Sites – selected for relevance

Statistics and Data

Campus Links – like department web sites

Organizations – such as professional or scholarly groups


selected the materials? Each subject guide was hand-tailored by your friendly and smart librarians here at the Highline Library.


Why would a busy student already overloaded with homework, want to use a subject guide?

  • Because they will make your life easier!
  • Great place to begin your research!
  • Get ideas topic ideas!


Where can I find these information jewels? On our library web site!

Subject Guides are so cool that we even created a tutorial about them. Subject Guides: Where are they? (1:46 min)

Below is a sampling of what you can find when using our Subject Guide.



Best damn cybercrime and digital forensics book period / Kevin Cardwell [et al.]

Introduction to law enforcement [by] James R. Waters [and] Sheree A. McGrath.

Introduction to police science / John L. Sullivan.

Police behavior : a sociological perspective / [edited by] Richard J. Lundman.

COP talk : essential communication skills for community policing / Virginia Kidd, Rick Braziel.

Crime / by Virginia Adams and the editors of Time-Life Books.

Crime, correction, and society/Johnson, Elmer Hubert.Crimes and punishment : a pictorial encyclopedia of aberrant behavior.


Criminal justice [videorecording] / Elysian Films in association with HBO Showcase.

Racial disparity in the criminal justice system [videorecording] Larry Gossett/ Highline Community College production.

Racial disparity in the criminal justice system [videorecording] a panel discussion/ Highline Community College production.

New asylums [videorecording] / written, produced & directed by Miri Navasky & Karen O’Connor

Michigan v. Anderson [videorecording] : a right to life or death / written and produced by Richard Kroehling ; [in association with CourtTV].

Suffer the children [videorecording] : an examination of sexual exploitation / KOMO TV ; writer, producer, Ken Schram ; director, Randy Suhr.

Understanding the courts [videorecording] : anatomy of a criminal case / written by Cynthia Canary ; directed by Robert Yeomans.


Security officers and policing [electronic resource] : powers, culture and control in the governance of private space / Mark Button.


American Journal of Criminal Law (electronic)
Corrections Today (electronic)
Criminal Justice Ethics (electronic)
Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (electronic)
Law and Order (print, electronic)
Police Chief (print)



Volcanoes / Robert Decker and Barbara Decker.

Fire mountains of the west : the Cascade and Mono Lake volcanoes / Stephen L. Harris.

Ecological responses to the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens / Virginia H. Dale, Frederick J. Swanson, Charles M. Crisafulli, editors.

Roadside geology of Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument and vicinity / by Patrick T. Pringle.

Warning and response to the Mount St. Helens eruption / Thomas F. Saarinen & James L. Sell.

Mount St. Helens, 1980 : botanical consequences of the explosive eruptions / edited by David E. Bilderback.

Mount St. Helens ash–properties and possible uses / by Wayne S. Moen and Glennda B. McLucas.

Mount St. Helens : the eruption and recovery of a volcano / by Rob Carson ; with selected photographs by Geff Hinds, Cheryl Haselhorst and Gary Braasch.

Mount St. Helens, five years later / S.A.C. Keller, editor.

Mount St. Helens wildlife area plan / prepared by Brian Calkins.

Fire & ice : the Cascade volcanoes / Stephen L. Harris.


Blowing your top: [videorecording] the geology of Mt. St. Helens / Eric Baer.

Eruption of Mount St. Helens [videorecording] / Graphic Films Corp.

Message from the mountain [videorecording] / Northern Light Productions.

Mount St. Helens [videorecording] : out of the ash / KSPS-TV.

In the path of a killer volcano [videorecording] / a production of the Documentary Guild in association with WGBH Boston for NOVA ; written, produced and directed by Rob Whittlesey, Noel Buckner.


Volcanoes [electronic resource] : an introduction / Alwyn Scarth.


Geological Society of America bulletin
Geology today
Journal of Geology
Journal of the Geological Society
South African journal of geology
Washington Geology



Story of the bicycle / Woodforde, John.

Focusing on fitness : have you got what it takes to be a personal trainer? / by Lisa Thompson.

Social history of the bicycle, its early life and times in America, by Robert A. Smith.

Medical Association guide to preventing and treating heart disease : essential information you and your family need to know about having a healthy heart / Martin S. Lipsky … [et al.].

Bicycling science / Frank Rowland Whitt, David Gordon Wilson.

Bicycling the backroads around Puget Sound [by] Erin and Bill Woods. Cartoons by Dale Martin.

Bikes and riders, written and photographed by James Wagenvoord.

Bicycling; a history / Alderson, Frederick.

Fitness and exercise sourcebook / edited by Amy L. Sutton.

Lance Armstrong, cyclist / Michael Benson.


Bicycle thief [videorecording] = Ladri di biciclette / screenplay, Cesare Zavatinni ; director, Vittorio de Sica ; produzione P. D. S.

Bicycle safety tips for adults [videorecording]


The Nation’s health : the official newspaper of the American Public Health Association
Nutrition Today
Tufts University health & nutrition letter
Yoga Journal
Good Medicine



Nightingales : the extraordinary upbringing and curious life of Miss Florence Nightingale / Gillian Gill.

Florence Nightingale today : healing, leadership, global action / Barbara Montgomery Dossey … [et al.].

Nursing career guide : strategies for launching your career / Judith A. Burckhardt, Barbara J. Irwin

Contemporary nursing : issues, trends, & management / [edited by] Barbara Cherry, Susan R. Jacob.

Keys to nursing success / Janet R. Katz … [et al.].

Notes on nursing: what it is, and what it is not.


Bedmaking skills [videorecording] / Lippincott.

Nursing– check it out [videorecording] / with Dana Delany.

Nursing, the politics of caring [videorecording] / producers, Joan & Timothy Sawyer.

Techniques of therapeutic communication [videorecording]


Florence Nightingale [electronic resource] : an introduction to her life and family / Lynn McDonald, editor.

Florence Nightingale on mysticism and eastern religions [electronic resource] / Gérard Vallée, editor.

Florence Nightingale on women, medicine, midwifery and prostitution [electronic resource] / Lynn McDonald, editor.

Florence Nightingale on mysticism and eastern religions [electronic resource] / Gérard Vallée, editor.


American Journal of Nursing (print)
Critical Care Nurse (electronic)
Journal of Multicultural Nursing and Health (electronic)
Nursing (print)
Registered Nurse (electronic)



Developing person through the life span / Kathleen Berger.

Feeling good about the way you look : a program for overcoming body image problems / Sabine Wilhelm.

Last child in the woods : saving our children from nature-deficit disorder / Richard Louv.

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus : the classic guide to understanding the opposite sex / John Gray.

Playing to get smart / Elizabeth Jones, Renatta M. Cooper.

What is emotion? : history, measures, and meanings / Jerome Kagan.

Bullying is not a fact of life / U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Mental Health Services.

Healthy people 2010.

Coping with trauma : hope through understanding / Jon G. Allen.

Breaking the silence : a guide to help children with complicated grief– suicide, homicide, AIDS, violence, and abuse / Linda Goldman.

Post traumatic stress disorder : the latest assessment and treatment strategies / by Matthew J. Friedman.


Growing old in a new age [videorecording] / produced by the University of Hawaii, Center on Aging

Verbal interventions for violent behavior [videorecording] : words : a way from violence / produced by Regional Learning Resources Service

At the end of a gun [videorecording] : women and war / TVE International ; BBC Worldwide ; produced and directed by Emily Marlow.

New asylums [videorecording] / written, produced & directed by Miri Navasky & Karen O’Connor

Soldier’s heart [videorecording] / written, produced & directed by Raney Aronson ; a Frontline coproduction with A Little Rain Productions, Inc

Truth about suicide [videorecording] : real stories of depression in college.

Sign Enhancers. Tape 8C [videorecording].

Stop bullying now! [videorecording] : take a stand, lend a hand.

Culture of emotions [videorecording] : a cultural competence and diversity training program.

Anxiety [videorecording] / [produced by Medcom Incorporated ; writers, Shirley Johnston, Jan Recht, Ellen Krupp]


Mental hospitals at work [electronic resource] / by Kathleen Jones and Roy Sidebotham.

Bedlam on the streets [electronic resource] / Caroline Knowles ; with photographs by Ludovic Dabert.

Hormones, gender, and the aging brain [electronic resource] : the endocrine basis of geriatric psychiatry / edited by Mary F. Morrison.

Emotional needs of young children and their families [electronic resource] : using psychoanalytic ideas in the community / edited by Marion Bower and Judith Trowell.

Psychiatric and cognitive disorders in Parkinson’s disease [electronic resource] / Sergio E. Starkstein, Marcelo J. Merello.

Treatment of child abuse [electronic resource] : common ground for mental health, medical, and legal practitioners / edited by Robert M. Reece.

Spirituality and mental health care [electronic resource] : rediscovering a ‘forgotten’ dimension / John Swinton.

Evidence-based counselling and psychological therapies [electronic resource] : research and applications / edited by Nancy Rowland and Stephen Goss.

Desegregation of the mentally ill [electronic resource] / by J. Hoenig and Marian W. Hamilton.


Journal of Educational Psychology
Psychotherapy Networker


Kinship networks among Hmong-American refugees [electronic resource] / Julie Keown-Bomar.

Strangers in a not-so-strange land : Indian American immigrants in the global age / Arthur W. Helweg.

Asian American : the historical experience : essays / by Roger Daniels … [et al.] ; edited by Norris Hundley, Jr. ; introd. by Akira Iriye.

Khmer American : identity and moral education in a diasporic community / Nancy J. Smith-Hefner.

Dragon ladies : Asian American feminists breathe fire / edited by Sonia Shah ; preface by Yuri Kochiyama ; foreword by Karin Aguilar-San Juan.

Turning shadows into light : art and culture of the Northwest’s early Asian/Pacific community / edited by Mayumi Tsutakawa and Alan Chong Lau.

Asian Americans : vulnerable populations, model interventions, and clarifying agendas / edited by Lin Zhan.

Cambodian community in the United States / written and edited by Cheth Ouch, Yoosun Park.

East Main Street : Asian American popular culture / edited by Shilpa Davé, LeiLani Nishime, and Tasha Oren ; foreword by Robert G. Lee.

Unraveling the “model minority” stereotype : listening to Asian American youth / Stacey J. Lee.


Bharati Mukherjee [videorecording] : conquering America / a production of Public Affairs Television, Inc. ; produced and directed by Gail Pellett.

My America, or, Honk if you love Buddha [videorecording] / National Asian American Telecommunications Association ; produced, written & directed by Renee Tajima-Peña.

Mixed feelings [videorecording]/ a documentary by Mikko Jokela.

Ancestors in the Americas [videorecording] : coolies, sailors, settlers / a film by Loni Ding.

Stolen ground [videorecording] / produced and directed by Lee Mun Wah and Lindsey Jang.

Yellow apparel: when the coolie becomes cool [videorecording] / a getupstandup production; produced by Anmol Chaddha.

American sons [videorecording] / Farallon Documentary Films ; produced, written & directed by Steven Okazaki.

Mirrors of privilege [videorecording] : making whiteness visible / a film by Shakti Butler ; directed by Shakti Butler and Rick Butler.

Slaying the dragon [videorecording] / produced by Pacific Productions, Asian Women United in association with KQED and Deborah Gee.

Toc storee [videorecording] / by Ming-Yuen S. Ma.

Blue collar and Buddha [videorecording] : a documentary / by Taggart Siegel ; produced by Kati Johnston and Taggart Siegel.

In no one’s shadow [videorecording] : Filipinos in America / a project of Visual Communications and Philippine Arts in the Community ; producers, Naomi De Castro, Antonio E. De Castro.

Voices of challenge [videorecording] : Hmong women in transition / a production of Academic Innovation Center, California State University, Fresno ; producer, Katsuyo Howard.


Becoming Asian American [electronic resource] : second-generation Chinese and Korean American identities / Nazli Kibria.

Managing multicultural lives [electronic resource] : Asian American professionals and the challenge of multiple identities / Pawan Dhingra.

Disoriented [electronic resource] : Asian Americans, law, and the nation-state / Robert S. Chang.

African Americans and Asian Americans [electronic resource] / edited by Jeffrey D. Schultz … [et al.].

Distinguished Asian Americans [electronic resource] : a biographical dictionary / edited by Hyung-chan Kim ; contributing editors, Dorothy Cordova … [et al.].

Negotiating ethnicity [electronic resource] : second-generation South Asian Americans traverse a transnational world / Bandana Purkayastha.

Ethnic routes to becoming American [electronic resource] : Indian immigrants and the cultures of citizenship / Sharmila Rudrappa.


A. magazine : the Asian American quarterly.

Amerasia journal.

Northwest Asian weekly.

Cross currents.


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