Reference Resource of the Week

Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History in America

Need information on the histories of sexual minorities in the United States since colonial times, the historical layers and political debates surrounding the LGBT experience, or a broader understanding of the range of LGBT studies?

Check out this resource!

Did you know that…? “As an American luminary later in his life, Walt Whitman was visited by notables of all kinds, including Oscar Wilde, who arrived in 1882 at Whitman’s home in Camden, New Jersey.  This encounter remarkably places two of the most famous nineteenth-century advocates for the validity and value of same-sex affection between men in the same room at the same time – drinking, Whitman later said, elderberry wine.  A partial list of the writers and artists whom Whitman strongly influenced – many of whom were LGBT – includes Willa Cather, Hart Crane, Thomas Eakins, Allen Ginsberg, Langston Hughes, Henry James, D.H. Lawrence, Pablo Neruda, Arthur Rimbaud, Bram Stoker, Henry David Thoreau, and William Carlos Williams.”


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