The Complete Encyclopedia of Illustration

Reference Resource of the Week

Need inspiration from the history of fine engraving?  Want to experience the width and breadth of human knowledge and achievement up to the mid-19th century through illustrations – nearly 12,000 of them?  Check out the Complete Encyclopedia of Illustration!

Did you know that…?

This book was originally published in 1851 as The Iconographic Encyclopedia of Science, Literature and Art, and based on the famed Bilderatlas by Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus, one of the finest encyclopedias of its day.  It was conceived in the spirit of the ‘Renaissance man (sic)’ – a well-educated person with a broad, deep, and detailed knowledge of all areas of culture and human endeavor.  The ten divisions of the arts and sciences represented in these beautiful engravings are Mathematics and Astronomy, Natural Sciences, Geography, History and Ethnology, Military Sciences, Naval Sciences, Architecture, Mythology and Religion, the Fine Arts, and Technology.”


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