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Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations’ of the World Dictionary

Reference Resource of the Week

From the pilgrimage to Mecca to the Wizard of Oz Festival, this dictionary covers both religious and secular holidays. Get the history and folklore behind the festivals. Let’s celebrate!

Did you know that…?

“The Bun Bang Fai or Rocket Festival is celebrated in Laos.  It predates Buddhism and is intended to insure good crops. Bamboo rockets are fired into the air to prompt the heavens to bring on the rainy season. Prizes go to the fastest, highest and brightest rockets”


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World Atlas of the Oceans

Reference Resource of the Week

Explore the depths of the oceans, from geological history to sea creatures, from drifting icebergs to sinking volcanoes.

Did you know that…?   “…the Red Sea is not red but an intense blue-green.  Its name derives from the blooming cyanobacterium, Trichodesmium erythraeum, also called blue-green algae. It sometimes reproduces in enormous numbers, forming a mile-wide slimy layer on the surface of the sea. After a couple of days, the algae die and stain the sea a reddish brown.”

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At the Table: Recommended Reading November 2010

In celebration of and thankfulness for the food we eat, we bring you this month’s Recommended Reading. Our selection is a veritable feast – from cookbooks to kitchen science, from cannibals to Creole, from culinary history to Seattle dining, from food safety to food politics, from Slow Food to No food. Enjoy, Cook, Learn.


Are you really going to eat that? : reflections of a culinary thrill seeker / Robb Walsh. 641.592 W226a 2003

Coming home to eat : the pleasures and politics of local foods / Gary Paul Nabhan. 641.013 N115c 2002

Creole : the history and legacy of Louisiana’s free people of color / edited by Sybil Kein. 976.3004 C916 2000

Cuisine and culture : a history of food & people / Linda Civitello. 641.3 C582c 2004

Ending hunger : an idea whose time has come / the Hunger Project. 363.8 E56 1985

Eskimo cookbook / by Alexandra. 641.592971 A379 1977

Designer food : mutant harvest or breadbasket of the world? / Gregory E. Pence.

363.1929 P397d 2002

Dinner with a cannibal : the complete history of mankind’s oldest taboo / Carole A. Travis-Henikoff ; foreword by Christy G. Turner II. 394.9 T782d 2008

Food in the ancient world / John M. Wilkins and Shaun Hill. 394.12 W684f 2006

Food lover’s guide to Seattle / Katy Calcott ; photographs by Nicholas Calcott.

381.456413 C144f 2001

Food politics : how the food industry influences nutrition and health / Marion Nestle. 363.85 N468f 2003

Food safety : old habits, new perspectives / by Phyllis Entis. 363.1926 E61f 2007

Freedom from want : the human right to adequate food / George Kent ; foreword by Jean Ziegler. 363.8 K37f 2005

Great classic recipes of Europe; recipes from the finest European restaurants, compiled with the cooperation of the American Express Money Card. 641.5 L623

Hungry planet : what the world eats / Faith D’Aluisio; photographed by Peter Menzel 641.3 M551h 2005

Indian essence : the fresh tastes of India’s new cuisine / Atul Kochhar ; photographs by David Loftus. 641.5954 K76i 2004

Ladies’ indispensable assistant : being a companion for the sister, mother, and wife, containing more information for the price than any other work on the subject. 640 L157 1851

Middle Eastern kitchen / Ghillie Başan ; with special photography by Jonathan Başan. 641.5956 B297m 2004

Much depends on dinner : the extraordinary history and mythology, allure and obsessions, perils and taboos, of an ordinary meal / Margaret Visser ; [illustrations by Mary Firth]. 394.12 V834m 1987

The Northwest kitchen : a seasonal cookbook / Judie Geise ; 641.5 G313n 1978

On food and cooking : the science and lore of the kitchen / Harold McGee. 641.5 M145o 2004

Paradox of plenty : a social history of eating in modern America / Harvey Levenstein. 394.120973 L657p 2003

Uncommon grounds : the history of coffee and how it transformed our world / Mark Pendergrast. 641.3373 P397u 1999

What Einstein told his cook : kitchen science explained / Robert L. Wolke ; with recipes by Marlene Parrish. 641.5 W862w 2002

Wild berries of the Pacific Northwest : on the bush, on the table, in the glass / J. E. Underhill 634.7 U55w 1974


Art of Living in Australia [electronic resource] / Philip E. Muskett ; together with three hundred Australian cookery recipes and accessory kitchen information by Mrs. H. Wicken. 2004

Black hunger [electronic resource] : food and the politics of U.S. identity / Doris Witt. 1999

Culture of the fork [electronic resource] : a brief history of food in Europe / Giovanni Rebora ; translated by Albert Sonnenfeld. 2001  394.1/094

Curry: a tale of cooks and conquerors / Lizzie Collingham

Electronic Book 394.1/2/0954 2006

Eating out in Europe [electronic resource] : picnics, gourmet dining, and snacks since the late eighteenth century / edited by Marc Jacobs and Peter Scholliers. 2003

Everyone eats : understanding food and culture / E.N. Anderson Electronic Book 394.1/2 2005

Fat politics [electronic resource] : the real story behind America’s obesity epidemic / J. Eric Oliver. 2006  614.5/9398

Food and you [electronic resource] : a guide to healthy habits for teens / Marjolijn Bijlefeld and Sharon K. Zoumbaris. 613.7/043

Food product development based on experience [electronic resource] / edited by Catherine Side. 2002  664/.0068

Food is culture / Massimo Montanari  Electronic Book 641.3 2006

Food, morals, and meaning the pleasure and anxiety of eating / John Coveney

Electronic Book 178 2000

Garlic and sapphires [electronic resource] : the secret life of a critic in disguise / Ruth Reichl. 2005  641.5092

Great old-fashioned American recipes / Beatrice Ojakangas  Electronic Book 641.5973 2005

Halving hunger it can be done /Task Force on Hunger  Electronic Book 363.8/83091724 2005

Health, nutrition and food demand / edited by Wen S. Chernand Kyrre Rickertsen

Electronic Book 363.8 2003

Handbook of herbs and spices / edited by K.V. Peter Electronic Book 664.53 2004

Home fires burning [electronic resource] : food, politics, and everyday life in World War I Berlin / Belinda J. Davis. 2000


Horsemen of the esophagus [electronic resource] : competitive eating and the big fat American dream / Jason Fagone. 2006  641/.013

Kitchen secrets the meaning of cooking in everyday life /Frances Short Electronic Book 641.5 2006

Meals to come a history of the future of food / Warren Belasco Electronic Book 641.3009 2006

Nutrition for dummies / by Carol Ann Rinzler. 613.2 R584n 1999

The politics of food / edited by Marianne Elisabeth Lien and Brigitte Nerlich  Electronic Book 2004

Pot pies [electronic resource] / Beatrice Ojakangas ; illustrations by Sally Sturman. 2003  641.824

The psychology of food choice / edited by R. Shepherd and M. Raats  Electronic Book 613.2019 2006

Restaurants book [electronic resource] : ethnographies of where we eat / edited by David Beriss and David Sutton. 2007

Scandinavian feasts  [electronic resource] : celebrating traditions throughout the year / Beatrice Ojakangas. 2001  641.5948

Slow food [electronic resource] : the case for taste / Carlo Petrini ; translated by William McCuaig. 2003  641/.01/3

What should I eat? [electronic resource] : a complete guide to the new food pyramid / Tershia d’Elgin. 2005  613.2

Reference Books

The Cambridge world history of food / editors, Kenneth F. Kiple, Kriemhild Coneè Ornelas. 641.3 C177 2000

Encyclopedia of foods : a guide to healthy nutrition / medical and nutrition experts from Mayo Clinic, University of California, Los Angeles, and Dole Food Company, Inc. 613.2 E56 2002

Encyclopedia of food and culture / Solomon H. Katz, editor in chief 641.3003 E56 2003

The Oxford companion to food / Alan Davidson 641.3003 D252o 1999

Penguin atlas of food / Erik Millstone and Tim Lang ; consultant Axel Drescher.

664 M657p 2003

World hunger / edited by Claire Stanford 363.8 W927 2007

Foods & nutrition encyclopedia / Audrey H. Ensminger … [et al.]. 641.03 F686 1994

World encyclopedia of food / L. Patrick Coyle ; photos. by Bobbi Mapstone ; drawings by Shoshonah Dubiner and Erika Oller. 641.03 C881w


Deconstructing supper [videorecording] : a chef’s journey / MSK Productions, Inc.

641.3 D296 2002 VHS

Fast food nation [videorecording] / Fox Searchlight Pictures 791.4372 F251 2007

The future of food [videorecording] / Lily Films presents ; directed, produced and written by Deborah Koons Garcia ; produced by Catherine Lynn Butler.

363.192 F996 2004 DVD

Good food, bad food [videorecording] : you must choose / author, producer & director, Christina Vuckovic ; executive producer, George H. Russell.

613.2 G646 1993

Food to die for [videorecording] / Turner Multimedia. 613.2 N976

Karen Blixen’s Babette’s gæstebud [videorecording] = Babette’s feast / Just Betzer, præsenterer ; en film af Gabriel Axel ; A-S Panorama Film International.

791.4372 B113 1999 VHS

Losing it [videorecording] / written, produced and directed by John Angier ; produced by the Chedd/Angier Production Company, Inc. 613.25 L879 2004

The meaning of food [videorecording] / series producer/director, Maria Gargiulo ; producers, Kimberlee Bassford, Shannon Gee, John Mikulenka ; 394.12 M483 2005 DVD

Perfect famine [videorecording] / TVE International ; BBC Worldwide 363.8 P438 2002

Rebuilding the food pyramid [videorecording] / Tracy Brigham. 613.2 S416r 2003

Sowing seeds of hunger [videorecording] / TVE International ; BBC Worldwide 362.73 S731 2002

Super size me [videorecording] / Hart Sharp Video 647.95 S959 2004

Tampopo [videorecording] / Itami Productions ; produced by Juzo Itami 791.4372 T159 1999 VHS

A World of food [videorecording] : tastes & taboos in different cultures / Nonverbal Workshop ; created & produced by Dane Archer ; directed & photographed by Jon Silver. 394.12 W927 2000 VHS

Web Sites

The Cook’s Thesaurus

Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

FAO and emergencies

Food Timeline

The History of Eating Utensils

Recipe Source

World Food Habits Bibliography – English-Language Resources for the anthropology of food and nutrition

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