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Reference Resource of the Week

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World’s Ancient Languages

Need some facts about the languages of antiquity? Are you curious about the writing systems, phonology, morphology, syntax, and lexicons of languages that are no longer spoken? If so check out this resource, the first comprehensive reference work treating all of the languages of antiquity! Included is a discussion of those several languages of which too little evidence remains to allow for a comprehensive linguistic description, as well as an examination of the methodology for recovering languages or linguistic stages which precede any historical documentation.

Did you know that…? “Aramaic is a member of the Semitic language family and forms one of the two main branches of the Northwest Semitic group within the family, the other being Canaanite. The language most closely related to Aramaic is Hebrew. More distantly related languages include Akkadian and Arabic. Of all the Semitic languages, Aramaic is one of the most extensively attested, in both geographic and temporal terms. Aramaic has been continuously spoken for approximately 3,500 years (c. 1500 BC to the present) and is attested throughout the Near East and the Mediterranean world. Aramaic was originally spoken by Aramean tribes who settled in portions of what is now Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq… In later times, the language was spoken and used as a lingua franca throughout the Near East by both Arameans and non-Arameans until it was eclipsed by Arabic beginning in the seventh century. Aramaic is still spoken today in communities of eastern Syria, northern Iraq, and southeastern Turkey, though these dialects have been heavily influenced by Arabic and/or Kurdish.”


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March is Women’s History Month: Recommended Reading

Women’s History Month is celebrated every March. This year’s theme is Our History is Our Strength. According to the National Women’s History Project ( ), “our shared history unites families, communities, and nations.  Although women’s history is intertwined with the history shared with men, several factors – social, religious, economic, and biological – have worked to create a unique sphere of women’s history.  The stories of women’s achievements are integral to the fabric our history.  Learning about women’s tenacity, courage, and creativity throughout the centuries is a tremendous source of strength.”

Here are some resources to help you discover how women have shaped history around the world.


Women Shaping History

Women’s Book of World Records and Achievements / edited by Lois Decker O’Neill
920.72 W872 1979

Women in Antiquity Women in Late Antiquity: Pagan and Christian Life-Styles / Gillian Clark.
305.409 C593w

Women of the Reformation in Germany and Italy / by Roland H. Bainton
270.6092 B162w

Women in Japan: From Ancient Times to the Present / by Marjorie Wall Bingham & Susan Hill Gross
305.40952 B613w

Women in Traditional China: Ancient Times to Modern Reform / by Susan Hill Gross & Marjorie Wall Bingham
305.40951 G878w

Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China / by Jung Chang
951.05092 C456w 1992

Wives, Mistresses, and Matriarchs: Asian Women Today / by Louise Williams
305.42095 W721w 1999

Dragon Ladies: Asian American Feminists Breathe Fire / edited by Sonia Shah
305.48 D759 1997

African Women: A Modern History / by Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch
305.4096 C786a

Crusade for freedom: Women of the antislavery movement / by Alma Lutz
326.092 L975c

America’s Twelve Great Women Leaders during the past Hundred Years as chosen by the Women of America.
920.72 A512

America’s Immigrant Women / by Cecyle S. Neidle
920.72 N397a

The Family of Woman / edited by Jerry Mason
779 F198

History of WifeA History of the Wife / by Marilyn Yalom
306.872 Y19h 2002

Famous Women

Famous Women, an Outline of Feminine Achievement through the Ages with Life Stories of Five Hundred Noted Women / by Joseph Adelman
920.7 A229f

It All Started with Eve, Being a Brief Account of Certain Famous Women, Each of them Richly Endowed with some Quality that Drives Men Mad, Omitting no Impertinent and Unbelievable Fact, and Based upon a Stupendous Amount of Firsthand and Secondhand Research, some of it in Books / by Richard Willard Armour
920.72 A733j

Silhouettes: Women behind Great Men / by Helen Kooiman
920.72 H825s

A Minority of Members: Women in the U.S. Congress / by Hope Chamberlin
328.73 C443m

Mistresses of Mayhem / by Bill Madden
920.72 M179m

Stars in my Sky: Maria Montessori, Anaïs Nin, Frances Steloff / by Valerie Harms
920.72 H288s

Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands / by Mary Seacole
947.0738092 S438w 1988

War and Women

On Silver Wings: The Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II, 1942-1944 / by Marianne Verges
940.544 V496o

Women and War / by Jean Bethke Elshtain
303.66 E49w

In the Combat Zone: An Oral History of American Women in Vietnam, 1966-1975 / by Kathryn Marshall
959.7043 M368i

The Warrior Queens / by Antonia Fraser
920.72 F841w 1989

Women Shaping Religion

Faith Club: A Muslim, a Christian, a Jew– Three Women Search for Understanding / by Ranya Idliby, Suzanne Oliver, Priscilla Warner
201.5 I19f 2007

Wise WomenWise Women: Over Two Thousand Years of Spiritual Writing by Women / edited by Susan Cahill
200.82 W813 1996

Great Women of the Christian Faith/ by Edith Deen
280.4092 D311g

Spiders & Spinsters: Women and Mythology / by Marta Weigle
398.21 W419s

Culture, Work and Personal Life

An Intricate Weave: Women Write about Girls and Girlhood / edited by Marlene Miller
808.803 I619 1997

The Seasons of a Woman’s Life / by Daniel J. Levinson
155.633 L665s 1996

Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women / by Elizabeth Wurtzel.
920.72 W971b 1999

In Her Own Image: Women Working in the Arts / compiled by Elaine Hedges, Ingrid Wendt
700 I35

Built to Win: The Female Athlete as Cultural Icon / by Leslie Heywood and Shari L. Dworkin
796.082 H662b 2003

Women in Chemistry: Their Changing Roles from Alchemical Times to the Mid-Twentieth Century / bu Marelene Rayner-Canham and Geoffrey Rayner-Canham
540.82 R275w 2001

Four Lives in Science: Women’s Education in the Nineteenth Century / by Lois Barber Arnold
509.22 A756f

Acting Women: Images of Women in Theatre / by Lesley Ferris.
792.082 F394a


Telling Tales: Essays in Western Woman’s History / edited by Catherine A. Cavanaugh and Randi R. Warne

Revolutionary Mothers: Women in the Struggle for America’s Independence / by Carol Berkin

Eight Women, Two Model Ts, and the American West / by Joanne Wilke

They Went Whistling: Women Wayfarers, Warriors, Runaways, and Renegades / by Barbara Holland

Nancy Love and the WASP Ferry Pilots of World War II / by Sarah Byrn Rickman

The Feminine and the Sacred/ by Catherine Clément and Julia Kristeva; translated by Jane Marie Todd

Women’s Rights and Transatlantic Antislavery in the Era of Emancipation / edited by Kathryn Kish Sklar and James Brewer Stewart

Daughters of the Dreaming / by Diane Bell

How the Vote was Won: Woman Suffrage in the Western United States, 1868-1914 / by Rebecca J. Mead.

The Trouble Between Us: An Uneasy History of White and Black Women in the Feminist Movement / by Winifred Breines

Demonic Grounds: Black Women and the Cartographies of Struggle / by Katherine McKittrick

Black Women, Identity, and Cultural Theory: (un)Becoming the Subject / by Kevin Everod Quashie

Muslim Women in America: The Challenge of Islamic Identity Today / by Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad, Jane I. Smith, Kathleen M. Moore

Latinas in the United States: A Historical Encyclopedia / edited by Vicki L. Ruiz and Virginia Sánchez Korrol

Goddesses and the Divine Feminine: A Western Religious History / by Rosemary Radford Ruether

Philosophy, Feminism, and Faith/ edited by Ruth E. Groenhout and Marya Bower

Women in God’s Army: Gender and Equality in the Early Salvation Army / by Andrew Mark Eason

Women Sailors and Sailors’ Women: An Untold Maritime History / by David Cordingly

Private Screenings: Television and the Female Consumer / by Lynn Spigel and Denise Mann, editors

Women and Bullfighting: Gender, Sex and the Consumption of Tradition / by Sarah Pink

Fight Like a Girl: How to be a Fearless Feminist / by Megan Seely

Reproductive Rights

Between Law & Politics: The Solicitor General and the Structuring of Race, Gender, and Reproductive Rights Litigation / by Richard L. Pacelle, Jr.

Regulating Autonomy: Sex, Reproduction and Family / edited by Shelley Day Sclater

Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women / by Susan Faludi

Women of Color and the Reproductive Rights Movement / by Jennifer Nelson

Pregnancy and Power: A Short History of Reproductive Politics in America / by Rickie Solinger

Sexual Inequalities and Social Justice / edited by Niels Teunis and Gilbert Herdt

Reference Works

Women of Achievement: Thirty-Five Centuries of History / Susan Raven and Alison Weir
920.72 R253w

Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women: Global Women’s Issues and Knowledge / edited by Cheris Kramarae and Dale Spender
305.403 R869 2000

Handbook of American Women’s History / edited by Angela Howard Zophy
305.409 H236

Milestones: A Chronology of American Women’s History / Doris Weatherford
305.4 W362m 1997

Notable American Women: The Modern Period; a biographical dictionary / edited by Barbara Sicherman, Carol Hurd Green with Ilene Kantrov and Harriette Walker
920.72 N899

Notable Black American Women / edited by Jessie Carney Smith
920.72 N8993

Quotable Woman: Words of Wisdom from Mother Teresa, Edith Wharton, Virginia Woolf, Eleanor Roosevelt, Katharine Hepburn, and more / edited by Carol A. Turkington
808.882 Q93 2000


And still I rise
305.48896 A543 1993

Reviving Ophelia saving the selves of adolescent girls
305.235 R454 2000

Under one sky: Arab women in North America talk about the hijab
305.48697 U55 2004

Betye and Alison Saar, conjure women of the arts
709.2 S112 2006

The life and times of Sara Baartman: “the Hottentot Venus”
305.8960 L722 1998

A midwife’s tale
974.103092 B189 1997


Women’s History Month, hosted by the Library of Congress
“The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum join in paying tribute to the generations of women whose commitment to nature and the planet have proved invaluable to society.”

The National Women’s History Project
The organization’s website contains a “myriad of activities promoting women as leaders and influential forces in our society.” Included are biographies, texts of speeches, and links to other organizations as well as information about Women’s History Month.

Living the Legacy: The Women’s Rights Movement 1848 – 1998
This website provides the history of the Women’s Rights Movement, a timeline, as well as information about contemporary issues in women’s rights and organizations that advocate those issues.

National Women’s History Museum
An online museum dedicated to researching, collecting and exhibiting “the contributions of women to the social, cultural, economic and political life of our nation in a context of world history.” This website has online exhibits as well as resources for students and researchers including bios and quotations.

American Women, from the Library of CongressHelene Dutrieu
This website acts as a gateway to Library of Congress resources for the Study of Women’s History and Culture in the United States.

American Women through Time
Timelines that links specific events with highly relevant online sources, followed by a guide to research sources (e.g., census, newspapers, secondary sources) that are appropriate for the specified time period built by a librarian at Middle Tennessee State University.

WomenWatch, from the United Nations
This is a gateway to information and resources on the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women, including news, statistics, and human rights.

WWW Virtual Library: Women’s History
“The main purposes of this virtual library are to list women’s history institutions and organizations, locate archival and library collections, and provide links to Internet resources on women’s history.”

Women in Army History
Includes information about women who have served in the U.S. Army from nurses to MPs to General Officers. Also links to the U.S. Army Women’s Museum

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