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World Music: Africa, Europe and the Middle East

Need information on the popular, folk, and classical music traditions of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East? Curious about how a country’s music styles relate to its history, social customs, politics, and identity? Looking for biographies of particular musicians from these areas? Check out this resource!


Did you know that…? “The music of the large Turkish diaspora in Germany erupted in Turkey itself with the rap group Cartel’s 1995 CD. Cartel’s lyrics explicitly equate the Turkish and Black American ghetto experience, sampling Anatolian sounds (saz, zurna and davul), parading the Turkish flag, and appropriating the  hyper-macho posturing of their US models. They rap in Turkish, German, Spanish and English and are a multicultural group, though their message is very clear: that Turks in Germany should unite (a hand of brotherhood is extended to Kurds, Circassians and Laz) against German racism. Cartel galvanized debate  in Turkey and received, disturbingly, a warm welcome from Turkish fascists on their Istanbul debut.


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