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March Recommended Reading…

Graphic Novels!

Need a change of pace? Textbooks got you down? Why not try a graphic novel!

What’s your pleasure?

Something fun? We have some of The Sandman
Memoir? Take a look at Persepolis
Historical? How about Barefoot Gen: Life After the Bomb
HeartbreakingCancer Vixen
Want Shakespeare? Henry V : the graphic novel
Scientific? Try DNA : a graphic guide to the molecule that shook the world.
Mathematical? I’m thinking  Manga guide to statistics
What’s that?  A comic book ABOUT comic booksUnderstanding comics : the invisible art

And now, a few definitions from Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary to get us started…

  • Cartoon: a preparatory design, drawing, or painting (as for a fresco); a drawing intended as satire, caricature, or humor. First Known Use: 1671.
  • Comic Strip: a group of cartoons in narrative sequence. First Known Use: 1920.
  • Manga: a Japanese comic book or graphic novel; Japanese, comic, cartoon, from man- involuntary, aimless + -ga picture. First Known Use: circa 1951.
  • Graphic Novel: a fictional story that is presented in comic-strip format and published as a book.  First Known Use: 1978.
  • Anime: a style of animation originating in Japan that is characterized by stark colorful graphics depicting vibrant characters in action-filled plots often with fantastic or futuristic themes. First Known Use (outside of Japan): 1988.

Graphic Novels and Comics

Akira. Book one / Katsuhiro Otomo.   808.838762 O88a 2000

American born Chinese / Gene Luen Yang.  813.6 Y22a 2009

Anne Frank : the Anne Frank House authorized graphic biography / Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón. 940.5318092 F828j 2010

Arrival / Shaun Tan. 305.906912 T161a 2007

Barefoot Gen : life after the bomb : a cartoon story of Hiroshima = Hadashi no gen / Keiji Nakazawa.  940.5425 N163b 1999

Bluesman : a twelve bar graphic narrative in the key of life and death. Book one / by Rob Vollmar & Pablo C. [i.e. G] Callejo.  781.643 V924b 2006

Book of Genesis / illustrated by R. Crumb. 222.11 B724 2009

Cancer vixen : a true story / Marisa A.  Marchetto.  362.196994 M317c 2006

Cartoon history of the modern world / Larry Gonick.  909.08 G638c 2007

City of glass / Paul Auster ; adaptation by Paul Karasik and David Mazzucchelli.  813.54 K18c 2004

David Boring / Daniel Clowes. 813.54 C648d 2000

DNA : a graphic guide to the molecule that shook the world / Israel Rosenfield. 572.86 R813d 2011

Domu : a child’s dream / Katsuhiro Otomo. 808.838762 O88d 2001

Epileptic / David B. 843.92 B111ep 2005

Flood! : a novel in pictures / by Eric Drooker. 741.5973 D786f 1992

Frankenstein : the graphic novel / Mary Shelley ; script by Jason Cobley. 823.7 S545f 2010

Golem’s mighty swing / by James Sturm. 813.54 S936g 2003

Henry V : the graphic novel / William Shakespeare ; script by John McDonald. 822.33 W3 M478h 2010

In the shadow of no towers / Art Spiegelman. 741.5973 S755i 2004

Incognegro / written by Mat Johnson ; art by Warren Pleece ; lettered by Clem Robins. 323.1196073 J68i 2008

King : a comic book biography / [Ho Che Anderson ; introduction by Stanley Crouch]. 323.092 K53a 2005

Manga guide to calculus / Hiroyuki Kojima, [illustrator] Shin Togami, Becom Co., Ltd.  515 K79m 2009

Manga guide to electricity / Kazuhiro Fujitaki, Matsuda, and Trend-pro Co., Ltd. 537 F961m 2009

Manga guide to statistics / Shin Takahashi,Trend-pro Co. 519.5 T136m 2009

Manga guide to molecular biology / Masaharu Takemura, Sakura, Becom Co., Ltd. 572.8 T136m 2009

Odysseus and the Cyclops / story, Gilly Cameron Cooper ; illustrations, Bookmatrix. 398.20938 C776o 2007

Persepolis / Marjane Satrapi.  955.0542092 S253p 2003

V for vendetta / Alan Moore, David Lloyd ; [with Steve Whitaker and Siobhan Dodds]. 741.5973 M821v 1989

Buddha. 1, Kapilavastu / Osamu Tezuka. 294.363 T356b 2006

Books on Graphic Novels and Comic Books

Comic book nation : the transformation of youth culture in America / Bradford W. Wright. 741.5973 W947c 2003

Making comics : storytelling secrets of comics, manga and graphic novels / Scott McCloud. 741.5973 M127m 2006

Reinventing comics : [how imagination and technology are revolutionizing an art form] / Scott McCloud. 741.5973 M127r 2000

Understanding comics : the invisible art / [Scott McCloud]. 741.5973 M127u 1994

Alternative comics : an emerging literature / Charles Hatfield. 741.5 H362a 2005 

 Children of the yellow kid : the evolution of the American comic strip / Robert C. Harvey. 741.5 H342c 1998

 World encyclopedia of comics / edited by Maurice Horn. 741.503 W927

Artists on comic art / Mark Salisbury. 741.56922 S167a 2000

Opportunities in cartooning and animation careers / Terence J. Sacks. 741.5023 S121o 2008

Toon art : the graphic art of digital cartooning / by Steven Withrow. 741.5 W824t 2003

Manga : the complete guide / Jason Thompson. 741.5952 T473m 2007 

Manga : masters of the art / Timothy Lehmann.  741.5952 L523m 2005

KRAZY! : the delirious world of anime + comics + video games + art / [edited by] Bruce Grenville. 741.59 K91 2008

Electronic Resources

Manga [electronic resource] : an anthology of global and cultural perspectives / edited by Toni Johnson-Woods. 741.5/69

God of comics [electronic resource] : Osamu Tezuka and the creation of post-World War II manga / Natsu Onoda Power. 741.5/952

Japanese visual culture [electronic resource] : explorations in the world of manga and anime / edited by Mark W. MacWilliams ; foreword by Frederik L. Schodt. 741.5/952

Mechademia. 2, Networks of desire / [electronic resource] / Frenchy Lunning, editor.

Movies based on Graphic Novels

Alternate literary voices and vehicle: Films Media Group, [2006] Streaming video

Akira [videorecording]; written and directed by Katsuhiro Otomo. 791.4372 A3154 2001

Crumb [videorecording] / David Lynch 741.5692 C956 2006

Ghost in the shell [videorecording] / produced by Kodansha; director, Mamoru Oshii. 791.4372 G4275 1998


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Reference Resource of the Week

Encyclopedia of  American Immigration

This 3 volume set covers the full history of American immigration and addresses the demographic, legal, economic, political and social aspects of immigration.

Did you know that…?

“The English as a second language program came into popular usage during the late 1950’s.”


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Reference Resource of the Week

 The Folklore of World Holidays

Need information on world holidays: Stir-Up Sunday, Advent Season, Bear Festival, Odo, Hanukkah, St. Barbara’s day, St. Nicholas Day, Materice, Christmas, New Year’s Day… ? Want to learn about the folklore, foods,traditions, habits, celebrations and festivals of holidays in different countries?  Check out this resource!

Did you know that…?

 “On the first Sunday in Advent Season in Sweden, all Swedish families take out a special candlestick… On the second Sunday, both the first candle and the next are lit for a while: and so on until, on the Fourth Sunday, the candles look like a small row of organ pipes. Their four-fold light means that Christmas is almost here.”

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Reference Resource of the Week

World Music: Africa, Europe and the Middle East

Need information on the popular, folk, and classical music traditions of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East? Curious about how a country’s music styles relate to its history, social customs, politics, and identity? Looking for biographies of particular musicians from these areas? Check out this resource!


Did you know that…? “The music of the large Turkish diaspora in Germany erupted in Turkey itself with the rap group Cartel’s 1995 CD. Cartel’s lyrics explicitly equate the Turkish and Black American ghetto experience, sampling Anatolian sounds (saz, zurna and davul), parading the Turkish flag, and appropriating the  hyper-macho posturing of their US models. They rap in Turkish, German, Spanish and English and are a multicultural group, though their message is very clear: that Turks in Germany should unite (a hand of brotherhood is extended to Kurds, Circassians and Laz) against German racism. Cartel galvanized debate  in Turkey and received, disturbingly, a warm welcome from Turkish fascists on their Istanbul debut.

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Reference Resource of the Week: The Atlas of Water – Mapping the World’s Most Critical Resource

Explore the earth’s water supply – its limitations, nature, uses and abuses, from the points of view of farmers, industrialists and households. From the impact of climate to water privatization, from pollution to water footprints, from dam construction to bottled water, this book is full of details, graphs and images.

Did you know that…?

…the number of dead zones in the oceans increased by 30% between 1995 and 2007?   Did you know a child dies of malaria every 30 seconds?

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Reference Resource of the Week

Encyclopedia of Diasporas

Immigrant and Refugee Cultures Around the World

Need information on South Asian Diaspora in Film? How about the Hmong from China or the Roma in the U.S.? This book delves into the origins and development of immigrant and refugee cultures as well as discusses the impact and assimilation that immigrant cultures experience.

Did you know that…?

“The word diaspora comes from the Greek word meaning “to scatter and to sow.” It refers to major historical dispersions, many of them involuntary.

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Charles Darwin and Evolution: Our February Recommended Readings


February is Darwin Day month. Darwin Day is an international celebration of science and reason held on or around Feb. 12, the birthday anniversary of the English naturalist Charles Darwin. This year marks the 202th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth.



Check us out!

Take a look at our recommended reading collection and display by the circulation desk on the 2nd floor in the library. Read some quotes from Charles himself. We also have gathered a lot of evolutionary cartoons to lighten up your quarter!


Origins reconsidered : in search of what makes us human / Richard Leakey and Roger Lewin.
599.938 L435o 1992

Selfish gene / Richard Dawkins.
576.5 D271s

Moral animal : evolutionary psychology and everyday life / Robert Wright.
304.5 W947m 1995

River out of eden : a Darwinian view of life / Richard Dawkins ; illustrations by Lalla Ward.
576.82 D271r 1995

Why evolution works (and creationism fails) / Matt Young and Paul K. Strode.
231.7652 Y74w 2009

Darwin’s legacy : scenarios in human evolution / Sue Taylor Parker and Karin Enstam Jaffe.
599.938 P243d 2008

Science, evolution, and creationism / National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine.
576.8 S416 2008

New York times reader : science and technology / S. Holly Stocking and the writers of The New York times.
070.4495 N532 2011

Hypochondriacs : nine tormented lives / Brian Dillon.

616.8525 D579h 2010

Galápagos : exploring Darwin’s tapestry / John Hess.
508.8665 H586g 2009

Evolution wars : a guide to the debates / Michael Ruse.
576.82 R951e 2009

Evolution : the story of life / Douglas Palmer ; illustrated by Peter Barrett.
576.8 P173e 2009

Darwin’s universe : evolution from A to Z / Richard Milner ; with a foreword by Ian Tattersall and a preface by Stephen Jay Gould.
576.803 M659d 2009

Charles Darwin’s On the origin of species : a graphic adaptation / story by Michael Keller ; art by Nicolle Rager Fuller.
576.82 D228ok 2009

Intelligent thought : science versus the intelligent design movement / edited by John Brockman.

231.7652 I61 2006

Evolution-creation struggle / Michael Ruse.

231.7652 R951e 2005

Why Darwin matters : the case against intelligent design / Michael Shermer.

231.7652 S553w 2006

Voyage of the Beagle / Charles Darwin.

576.82092 D228v 1960

Life and letters of Charles Darwin; including an autobiographical chapter. Edited by his son, Francis Darwin. New York, D. Appleton, 1896.

508.092 D228L 1972

Structure and distribution of coral reefs. With an appendix by T.G. Bonney.

Darwin, Charles, 551.42 D228s

Darwin was wrong : a study in probabilities / I.L. Cohen.

576.8 C678d 1984

Evolution vs. creationism : an introduction / Eugenie C. Scott

576.8 S425e 2004

On natural selection / Charles Darwin.

576.82 D228o 2005

Darwin and his critics; the reception of Darwin’s theory of evolution by the scientific community [by] David L. Hull.

576.82 H913d 1973

Apes, angels, and Victorians; Darwin, Huxley, and evolution.

Irvine, William 576.8209 I72a 1955

Darwin : a very short introduction / Jonathan Howard.

576.82092 D228 2001

Darwin / Adrian Desmond & James Moore.

576.82092 D228de 1994

Taking Darwin seriously : a naturalistic approach to philosophy / Michael Ruse.

576.82092 D228r 1998

Autobiography of Charles Darwin, and selected letters / edited by Francis Darwin.

576.82092 D228d 1958

Charles Darwin; evolution by natural selection.

De Beer, Gavin, Sir 590.92 D228d

Darwin and the novelists : patterns of science in Victorian fiction / George Levine.

823.809 L665d 1988


Law’s meaning of life [electronic resource] : philosophy, religion, Darwin, and the legal person / Ngaire Naffine.

Evolution in the antipodes [electronic resource] : Charles Darwin and Australia / Tom Frame.

Charles Darwin [electronic resource] : the concise story of an extraordinary man / Tim M. Berra.

D.H. Lawrence and survival [electronic resource] : Darwinism in the fiction of the transitional period / Ronald Granofsky.

Electronic Book 823/.912

Darwin and archaeology [electronic resource] : a handbook of key concepts / edited by John P. Hart and John Edward Terrell ; foreword by Gary M. Feinman.

Electronic Book 930.1

Darwinian paradigm [electronic resource] : essays on its history, philosophy, and religious implications / Michael Ruse.

Electronic Book No call number

Darwin’s fishes [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia of ichthyology,

ecology, and evolution / Daniel Pauly.

Electronic Book

Darwin’s gift to science and religion [electronic resource] / by Francisco J. Ayala.

Electronic Book 576.8

Darwin’s plots [electronic resource] : evolutionary narrative in Darwin, George Eliot, and nineteenth-century fiction / Gillian Beer.

Electronic Book 823/.809356

Origin of species [electronic resource] : descent of a text, with modification / David Quammen.

Electronic Book 576.8/2

Origins of genius [electronic resource] : Darwinian perspectives on creativity / Dean Keith Simonton.

Electronic Book 153.9/8



Factoring in Mendel [electronic resource] Online Videos – Films on Demand Collection

Did Darwin Kill God? [electronic resource] Online Videos – Films on Demand Collection

Darwin, Naturally [electronic resource] Online Videos – Films on Demand Collection

Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life [electronic resource] Online Videos – Films on Demand Collection

Intelligent design vs. evolution [videorecording] / ABC News Productions.

231.7652 I61 2006

Judgment day : intelligent design on trial / produced by Joseph McMaster, Gary Johnstone, Vanessa Tovell

231.7652 J92 2008

One voice in the cosmic fugue [videorecording] / writer and host, Carl Sagan.

520 S129c

Beyond Genesis: Origin of species by Charles Darwin / a presentation of Discovery Productions.

576.82 B573

Darwin’s dangerous idea [videorecording] / a PBS digital presentation

576.82 D228 2001

Origin of species [videorecording] Discovery Communications.

576.82 O69 2005

Charles Darwin [videorecording] : evolution’s voice / written and produced by Noah Morowitz ; a presentation of Hearst Entertainment.

576.82092 D228 2005




“On this website you can find all sorts of information about Charles Darwin and the Darwin Day Celebration. The Darwin Day Celebration promotes public education about science and encourages the celebration of Science and Humanity throughout the global community.” This site includes links to podcasts about Darwin and Evolution. Introduces the subjects of Natural Selection, the role of Inheritance, and DNA and Genetic Mutations, a history of Darwin’s life.

This a wonderful site that gives you access to everything that Darwin has written. All his works have been digitized and are available here. The images are great.
“Only this site contains Darwin’s complete publications, 20,000 private papers, the largest Darwin bibliography, manuscript catalogue and hundreds of supplementary works: specimens, biographies, obituaries, reviews, reference works and much more.”

A site “dedicated to the Life and Times of Charles Darwin.” This is a work in progress that introduces Charles Darwin. It includes a timeline of Darwin’s life, a list of all books written by Darwin, and a list of people who influenced Darwin.

This website bills itself as “your one-stop source for information on evolution.” “This site is here to help you understand what evolution is, how it works, how it factors into your life, how research in evolutionary biology is performed, and how ideas in this area have changed over time.” It is from the University of California Museum of Paleontology.

This website includes a variety of reports, official statements and research papers on evolution. There are links to presentations and podcasts too! “The National Academies are America’s official, highly respected, bodies of eminent scientists, engineers, and doctors.”

This is a really cool site with lots of information and videos on Darwin, Change, Extinction, Survival, Sex, Humans, and Religion.


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